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Sunday, November 20, 2011

So we got new shoes this week- We had them for a while but it took forever for the lift to get put on.  We waited so long and were just happy to have it done.  We got the lift and with in hours we noticed several issues.  First off the shoe part was cut- it look like the machine missed cutting the sole in half and cut the side of her shoe!

  We were pretty upset because insurance doesn't cover shoe lifts.... (It is the STUPIDEST thing ever, they say it is a fashionable thing and not a "necessary" of those special military things that I love) we called and tried to figure out what they could do for us- we are in there several times- we need a new shoe lift made at least every 6 months if not every 4 and we usually get 2 pair of shoes made because often strange things happen- one shoe goes missing or another shoe steps in poop- its just always good to have another pair so we thought maybe they would help compensate by telling us we could get a discount on our next pair of shoes or something....but nope...they said nothing of the sort- just that nothing happened to the lift so there was nothing we could do about it.

A few hours after we put the lift on her it started "Shedding" it was literally flaking off on the heel and we had no idea what was going on!  I wasn't sure what to do because i am not an expert on shoe lifts but i knew that by the next few days this shoe lift would continue to dissolve and with as expensive as they are something needed to be done.

I called them first thing next day- drove Rory in there and didn't leave until we got a new shoe....I know they felt bad and even told me that they were sorry but upset me...its alot for me to drive 20 minutes one way and then to miss a nap time, have my baby off schedule and not sleep well at night.  Its just an inconvenience and a pain...but its now all taken care of!

Rory does well in her shoe, except shes rolling her ankle a bit- we may need to go get fitted for a brace to put in her shoe.  We may need to get new shoes- ones that are wide so that the brace will fit in her lift.  Shes walking so well though!

With new shoes, and a new taller lift comes new ignorant stares.  I hate going out because i can never just run into a store- its always someone asking me about why my daughter is in platform shoes...or whats wrong with your baby.  Its really a pain...

I'm so happy its a short week- I need a vacation...and although I am a 24/7 mom....having daddy be home may help out a bit!


Paige Kellerman said...

I think the new shoes look great! Who cares what other people say? The important thing is that she be able to walk comfortably and get around on her own. She's so flippin cute!

Joe Root said...

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