Farm Cake Pops!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My husband calls me a compulsive baker, and when I get stressed I do tend to bake a million sweet treats and sample them all in hopes to feel better.  I think baking is so much fun, and cute creative decorating can only make baking better!

My nephew recently had a birthday and he is obsessed with cows, literally, cows are in his every thought!  Naturally for his 2 year birthday we had to make something with cows! 

My insanely creative sister decided to make him the cutest barn cake ever.  I wasn't around when she did it but she left the cow and pig cake pops to me and my other insanely creative sister (there are 3 of the insanely creative sisters!)

These were so cute and so simple to make, and the best part was seeing Jamesy's face when he saw the cows and pigs! 

We made a basic cake pop, we used a cake mix but my sister made homemade frosting,  which was good for me because I think some store bought frosting tastes like paste.  For the ears we used chocolate chips and then using cake decorating tools we made noses, eyes and mouths!  it was so much fun to make!  Of course there are always a few cake pop "causalities" that end up getting eaten! 

I will do a cake pop "how to" when I have more time to take pictures of them!  as for now here are the pictures!


Paige Kellerman said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! I need to figure out how to pin this!

Martha Cecilia said...

That's really cute!

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