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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yesterday was a big day for us, we were meeting her new orthopaedist at the Naval Hospital.  The trouble with Doctors and the military, and I must be nice considering I am married to a military doctor, is that:

1. With the military, you never know what you are going to get, I have had some of the best doctors (my husband ;) and some of the worst doctors...

2. some doctors- and this is not military but just a doctor thing- have egos larger than all the characters on the jersey shore put together.  they all think there is nothing they can not take care of and that they are God's gift to humanity...

3. The military is on a budget (who isn't...) so if they don't NEED to refer someone to a special doctor, they won't and will just send you to one of their doctors, which is fine for most issues, however CFD is so rare that this needs special attention.  When I scheduled this appointment with her new orthopaedist, his nurse told me there was  chance he wouldn't refer her anywhere....(this turned me into a mama bear...don't mess with my cub!)

playing with gloves in the waiting room

So... I went into the appointment optimistic, yet prepared to bring out my animal instincts if we were told we could no longer see Dr. Paley for her surgeries.

My instincts were not needed- Her new Orthopaedist came in and put us completely at ease.  He actually said he had Dr. Paley's text book Principles of Deformity Correction!  he understood the severity of CFD and was more than happy to help us do what we needed to do to get us to Florida!

It was neat too to see him curious about her condition, he looked at her leg.  He was interested in everything, the upcoming surgical procedures and everything- it was really refreshing, and I'm so thankful everything has worked out!

Could not have been happier!

We then went to-  see Santa....I was suprised at how excited I was with everything- it brought back so many memories and it was so much fun!

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Paige Kellerman said...

That's such great news for you guys! You're in my prayers and I hope you had the best Christmas! ..:)

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