Hardest day with Rory!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I know on this blog I have only talked about great things that have happened in our lives, rorys amazing ability to use sign language, her advancement in somersaults and other milestones, and many other great accomplishments Rory has done. Many readers probably think that other thank her small leg, rory is the perfect baby and a complete angel.

Well today is a perfect example of how she is not always a complete perfect angel. Today was probably the hardest day I have ever had with rory! Perhaps it is because she is no sleeping so well or it could be because she is getting almost 6 teeth at once, but whatever the reason rory has lived up to her "in house" nickname (and favorite social distortion song) of "mommys little monster.

There has been screaming, throwing, hair pulling, fussing, crying, falling, biting, and the day is only half over. I literally called my husband at work in tears, and his assistant could hardly her me over rorys crying! I did giver her some Tylenol for her teeth and that seemed to help; however she is still having a hard day... And when she has a hard day, I usually have an awful day.

So here is rorys photo friday picture, and my sympathies go out to all moms out there that have had days like mine, where they wish they could get a break at 5 pm, I feel your pain.

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Paige Kellerman said...

Oh man, I've been having some cranky days from my daughter too...trying to weather the storm...oh boy.

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