Hunger games

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So for Christmas my sister gave me the first book in the hunger games series. I totally thought This was going to be another "twilight" read where all these teens are finding themselves with unrealistic expectations in their life. I decided to read it so I could talk to my sister about it. I did not expect to like it as much as i did!

The book is an easy read- it isn't the most well written book linguistic wise, but it's a young adult read so it doesn't have to be! I finished it really fast- I found myself getting to the end of one chapter and instead of putting the book down and going to sleep, I would stay up way later than I should just to see what happens!

And another way I could tell it was good was that I was thinking about it in my spare time (mainly when I would be up with Rory in them middle of the night).

I finished the first book- and downloaded the second. Very surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it!

My only hope is that the movie doesn't ruin it!

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