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Friday, August 12, 2011

Today is my first post ever!  It has taken me so long to finally get a blog and thanks to a good friend I finally have one!  Basically I have wanted a blog for several reasons: mainly to let my little one know what we have been up to since she was little, but also for myself.  I find myself being a very private person when it comes to emotions and feelings and always find that writing is much easier for me to express myself than just verbalizing it.

Being so new to blogging, I am expecting the layout of my page to suck for a while.  Im pretty internet savy but not with setting up blogs!  I am going to try to post once a day but at the same time know that will not happen!  Especially lately with things being so busy!  My little girl is turning one soon and I am completely consumed in her party!  Anyone with suggestions are welcome!  

I have to return to cleaning now....

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