Monday 8-24- mole removal

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well Monday was another exciting adventure in Nauss land. I went to Portsmouth to see dermatology for the mole on my face. I took Rory with me because I figured it would be a "no big deal, come back later and we can remove it" type of appointment. Instead they decided to remove t today, baby in my arms and all. They had to numb me first which I welcomed. I got the first injection and it burnt like hell- they warned me it would burn a little but it burned a lot! Then he nurse poked me with the needle and asked if I felt anything and I did- so more injections came my way. It was strange because after the poke of the needle and the burning of whatever they were injecting me with, I could feel my face swell up- it felt like he was putting a water balloon in my face. I was holding Rory and she kept looking at us in the mirror- she would look and laugh, she's such a good baby!
The dermatologist came in and it was removal time. I put videos of Rory on my phone so she could watch and then before I knew it, the mole was removed and the bandages were on. We got our gear and left. On the way to the elevator I noticed blood all over my neck like I had been on true blood- I couldn't feel it because of the anesthesia! I had to get towels to put over the bandaid on my face. Within minutes they were completely saturated with blood!

It was a hard day for Rory too! She hates car rides so it was hard for her to drive down there! It's so hard for me to go places with her because I feel so bad when she screams in the car and wants out of her car seat. She was great at the doctors office- we walked all around the hospital and waved to people! I wanted to take her home right away but have been trying hard to get her to see one pediatrician only because of her extremely sensitive skin and leg issues, so we met with a lady to get the paperwork rolling for that. It was a long day!
Poor Rory didn't want to nap! She slept for about 10-15 min in the car and she didn't want to sleep normal naptime. I had to pump so I put her in her crib and she fussed :(. She was fussy the whole rest of the day too. I had to pull out all the mom tricks with new things to get her mind off fussing. I got out her hat, gloves, coat, and sunglasses and we played with them. She has this fleece coat we put on and the look on her face made my day. She loved the soft feeling and kept touching the soft coat. She's just the sweetest girl! She also hasn't been eating much, which leads me to believe she's teething, so I made her pumpkin apple bread- she liked the first few bites but then decided not to eat again :(. If anyone has any tips let me know!

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