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Thursday, December 1, 2011

its feels like forever since i have a nut shell...we had a good thanksgiving- this year it was just the three of us, i guess the army guys didn't want to have thanksgiving with their boss like last year!  hahaha!  our ethnicity this year was Indian, mainly because of the wonderful indian food we had at indus restaurant when we were in West Palm last month.  It was so good!  We had Na'an, paneer, samosas, daal, tiki masala, and carrot pudding (I forgot the name).  It was all delicious and time consuming, but well worth it!

Currently...yesterday Rory was acting strange and by strange, i mean not running wild, not wanting to be thrown around, and sitting in my lap when we read books.  It just wasn't typical Rory behavior....then the kicker...she only ate one bite of her banana at lunch.  I knew something was wrong!  Sure enough- shes sick!

It is so sad to me when she gets sick because even though she is communicating so well with her signs, she still can't tell me what is going on in that sweet little body of hers!  I got her into a luke warm bath, let her eat dinner (or whatever she would eat) in her diaper, and I let her drink as much juice as she wanted.  The kicker....since she wasn't eating at all I had daddy stop and get blueberries on his way home- blueberries are Rory's most favorite food in the world, and she ate them!

Ill post pictures of everything when I have angel is up now and im hoping her fever is gone ;)

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