Daylight savings time....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today was daylight savings time and I was really hoping to get a nice extra hour of sleep... However I forgot that rory has no concept of daylight savings time! So there was no sleeping in or lounging the the glory of having an extra hour- we had crazy pants running around the house for an extra hour! She gets so tired But doesn't want to sleep- it's funny how she fights sleep so much!

Some days when she's crazy I think I'm losing my mind- however she will do the sweetest things ever and make me want to cry...for example- she gets up from her second nap and doesn't want to be put down- jus wants mommy to carry her, which is fine I don't mind, but she was getting kind of fussy and I really wanted to put her down because my arms were getting tired- when all of the sudden she puts her hands on my face, moves my head and gives me a big kiss right on the lips- and life doesn't get any better.

Example #2 we are reading books and now she can sign dada- and everyone is dada- mama, Mimi and papa are oth acknowelged by her significant dada. We really don't care yet because it's so darn cute and we know she will pick up on the other signs soon. Anyway, we are looking at books and she sees dada and signs for him and then sees mama and I said "rory can you sign mama" and she just said "mama" looked At me and smiled...I felt so warm and snuggly inside like I had been drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies under a blanket all day.
I think she knows how to work her mama!

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