What is wrong with our goverment health care system

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I have had such an on going battle with health care for Aurora.  We currently have Tricare, which I am not so fond with, and again...that is another day at another time...but currently...we are having issues with social security and with medicaid.

In regards to social security: i have spent hours filling paper work out about:

  • the many doctors Rory has gone to
  • what each of the doctors do
  • the dates and times of her appointments
  • each doctor's diagnosis
It took forever.  I submitted the information to them so they could qualify her as disabled.  I was told to call for an appointment at my local office which i did only to find out all that paperwork was pointless because my husband makes more money than their minimum amount.  Basically the lady told me that because I am not a single mom or unemployed there are no benefits we can get for Aurora.

Our first surgery is over $300,000 and is we will only be down in Florida for a month...I can't even contemplate what her second, third, and possibly fourth surgery will cost because we will be in Florida for 4 months.

So i went to medicaid...the man there told me that we could proceed with the application process if I get a disability determination from Social Security....

Back on the phone with social security.....there is nothing we can do....you are not a single mom or unemployed, you make over $3,000 a month....sorry.

So what is out there for us....I am spending every waking hour and even some hours where I am pretty sure I am asleep, yet googling information, looking at avenues and alleyways for help.

Now I am in the process of starting my own Non Profit Organization for CFD/PFFD...If I can't get any help with Rory's issues I can at least strive to help other clueless moms out there that need some kind of.

I must have left my "CFD" manual at the hospital....  :)

I am determined to find a way to pay for these surgeries...Its a shame I am terrible at gambling.

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