Are you kidding me?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today Rory and I were at the pharmacy and a lady walked in.  Of course I could smell her stench of cigarettes and cheap perfume before I spotted her and her 2 inch nails.  She sat right next to me and Rory and heard us talking.  Although she was extremely nice, it almost pained me to talk to her- not just because I work so hard on keeping Rory healthy and could not stop thinking about the toxic fumes she was breathing in, but also because of the content of the conversation.
She of course saw Rory's shoe and continued to tell me about how she thinks one of her legs is shorter than the other and has been that way her whole like.  Then she assured me that Rory will be OK. 
My baby has a 5 centimeter shoe lift on, and you think your leg is shorter than the other...even if this is true, please don't say it to me.  
I appreciate empathy, but for some reason this just annoyed me.  
Since Rory and I went to the pharmacy early to avoid the crowds I packed her a breakfast- I packed a banana, graham crackers, cheerios, and a Trader Joe's cereal bar (Which we LOVE!).  Rory didn't feel like eating much more of the cereal bar and kept pushing it away, so I tried to give her some banana; which she also shooed away.  
The lady then put her long nails in her pockets looking for food and told me she had some fruit snacks in her car.  FRUIT SNACKS!!!  IN THE CAR!!!  Like I said before, the lady was extremely nice, but aren't there a few boundaries that we just crossed.  I mean we are strangers- I just met you- I kind of dislike you- and your offering food to my daughter.  
I really know that she was completely harmless- but still...
I couldn't get my prescription soon enough!

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