Fun day with Rory

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

today Rory and I are having so much fun!  We are playing and just having a blast!  I can't believe she is walking so well!  It has been building up but yesterday she began walking on her own- I was astonished and could not have been prouder.  Today she is walking even more and her confidence is building.  I want to cry every time I see her smile in excitement that she walked herself.  I honestly wasn't sure when she would start walking and the doctors even thought it would be delayed but she has taken off without any issues at all!  She amazes me every day and I am so lucky she is my daughter!
We have been learning so much today- we are working on more signs.  I have been wanting to make a sign chart with all the signs she knows and all the ones we are working on, but we will have to save that for a later day where we have more time.  We have been trying to learn more signs with her bear and i think that is helping.  She is just picking up sign language like she has learned it in the womb!  Shes such a smart girl.  Right now we are working on mommy, daddy, and bear.  I have a feeling she will pick them up soon too!
We went to the bed and jumped on it for a while and sang "3 little monkeys" she loved it, and kept wanting more!  We chased each other around the house, played with bear bear, and walked outside with the dogs.  It is so neat to go outside with her and see her sign "tree" and "dog".
We also got a new doctor, who was fabulous- I hope he will help Rory with all of her skin issues.  Its so nice to just see one doctor instead of several who don't really seem to care what they are doing. Its nap time now so I am going to go clean!

could not of asked for a better day with my girl!

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