Tuesdays big day

Friday, August 19, 2011

So much has been going on- hence the gap in posts. I knew my post everyday wouldn't work out as planned, but that's ok. This week has been full of playdates, gym, appointments and errands. It's been crazy and I feel bad because I haven't been giving Rory the one on one attention she deserves :(. But Daddy keeps telling me one week of crazy won't scar her or hinder her development. I know that- but it's still hard for me!

Tuesday was a big day for us because we were evaluated for an in-home physical therapy program. Of course the night before and day of I was extremely nervous. It's a good thing this was my week off from working out because I spent the whole morning cleaning. Of course the meeting was not nearly as scary as I had hoped. There was our case manager who is really sweet, the physical therapist and a behavior specialist.
Of course it wouldn't be a trip to our house if the animals didn't misbehave- it got quiet at one point and we heard a strange noise of my cat Sid fighting with one of their shoes. Not five minutes later, Sid was up for round two, only this time he was getting into a bag! He lost both rounds, and I gave him a good swat on the tail.
He great news is that Rory is doing 120%!!! She is extremely smart and advanced for her age! For being 11 months they were in awe of how many signs she knows- it was very reassuring for me as a mother since I have no clue what I'm doing and don't have my mom down here to help. They said even with her shoe she is walking better than most babies her age!
We are getting a therapist in the house to help rory walking without her shoe and especially after her first surgery. The therapist could not be nicer and I am eager to have her help Rory out. We came up with some goals for Rory to work towards and they all scared me. They were for her to be walking by herself, to walk without her shoe and not fall, to walk over different elevations by herself, and to walk up the stairs by herself carrying a toy.
It really scared me that these are what is to come in the next six months. It scared me even more when they said these goals could be delayed because of her surgery at 18 months.
I waited till they all left and just wanted to cry- but didn't since Rory would be up soon from her nap, but the thought of her in surgery makes my whole body numb with pain.
I have so much going on with company coming two weekends in a row, a birthday party to plan and get ready for, a mole to be removed from my face, getting insurance moved around so Rory can have a decent doctor instead of the terrible doctors she has now, and the normal duties of cooking, cleaning, pumping, and being a mom. I don't need to worry about surgeries...but of course i will be losing sleep tonight thinking of them.

I'll finish up on the week tomorrow...

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