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Friday, October 21, 2011

So today i got up at 5 am to work out, actually i got up with Jon at 4:30 but i didn't start working out until 5.  I was actually excited last night because i had a whole hour to push myself.  However, i woke up and it was really quite chilly and all i wanted to do was drink a cup of hot chocolate (preferably real hot chocolate made with my Rory's whole milk rather than my normal diet 25 calorie hot chocolate made with water, and my beachbumandbaby mamma gave me some sbux hot coco to try) and watch some junk on hulu.  I always feel so bad about myself and so guilty if i don't work out so i made Jon some coffee and a lunch and went up stairs.
I think i would have burnt more calories drinking the hot chocolate....hahaha!  I did 20 min of arms, legs and abs, then 40 min of circuits- basically 60 seconds of a work out, 10 workouts, 4 times.  I did it and i was sweating and even opened the window upstairs but my energy was gone, it was sloth-like.  

here was my circuits
1. low jack squats- jumping of course
2. plank knee In's with a push up
3. tow touches
4. burpees
5. plank push ups
6. crunches
7. one leg jumping squats
8. push up- jacks
9. oblique crunches on the bosu
10. stand up

i still feel like i didn't do anything at all- I probably should have pushed my lazy butt to work harder but i needed to clean the house before the therapist got here!  I may try to work out a bit later....

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