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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is of course my favorite time of year.  I always get excited after September (I know its early...but bear with me...).  September is birthday month- my birthday, Rory’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, and my grandpa’s birthday.  It begins the season.  
Soon after, I get excited for halloween- I always liked to dress up, but now its even more exciting because I get to dress Rory up.  Then comes Thanksgiving and I love planning our annual “ethnic” thanksgiving.  Very shortly after thanksgiving its time for Christmas.
and by very shortly I mean hours after thanksgiving dinner is over.
So now we have our tree up and lights around the house and a few presents under the tree, and its all very great.  
But what makes it exceptional is turning on the Christmas lights and seeing Rory’s face light up brighter than the Christmas tree.  She begins by signing for “lights on.”  Once the lights turn on she glows, i can’t even describe her face.  The smiles and the laughs are better than all the presents under the tree.  

Last year Christmas was fun because it was Rory’s first Christmas, but this year she can actually open presents and enjoy it.  I just can’t wait.  
I can’t seem to think about future Christmas’s, what Rory will look like, what presents she will want, and of course if she will have her fixture on her leg.  Its hard for me to think about it.  I wonder if she will ever write a letter to Santa asking him for a new leg. 
Its hard to actually think about things, but I am pretty sure the future will be harder for me than for anyone else.  I know Rory’s spirit and attitude with everything is going to be fine, she is going to be showing all of her friends her leg, her scars, and she will be fine.  She has such a bright outlook on everything, as bright as the christmas lights that light up our tree.  Her face helps me realize that everything will be ok.  Even though I can get down thinking about this, I look at Rory’s face and realize the future will be merry and bright.

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