Respite care!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its official- We have Respite care for Rory!  We met with medicaid and human services to see what they can help us with.  It was so hard for me because they classified Rory's condition as "Disabled," which is really hard for a mother to hear.  The good news is that we get help for Rory after her surgeries, so her physical therapy and any other help she needs should be covered!

Now i get to look into hiring Rory someone to come and spend some time with so she can get used to them being around the house!  I am very picky with who will be around Rory- so I am lucky I get to interview and pick someone out.

I'm so excited because I have had many a sleepless night thinking about how I'm going to have to clean the pins in her legs and all the other fixator issues.  I know I will learn all the ins and outs of the external fixator, but until I get comfortable, it will be really nice to have someone to help.

Good Good Day!

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