7 weeks of gym!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So...I got a coupon for a free week trial at One Life Fitness...and since Jon was home Sunday and Monday we decided it was time to use it.  So I'm making the most out of my time and trying to be at the gym as much as possible and take as many classes as I can so that by the end of the week I will never want to see a gym again!

Since Sunday I have been to 5 classes, and have used the gym equipment for 3 hours...I'm literally trying to go there every chance I can!

I can say, I haven't been to a gym since moving to Virginia Beach (except for the gyms on the military base).  Back when I lived in Kansas, in a small college town, I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.   The gyms I worked at were both small mainly filled with either college or old people.

This gym is very different- its full of young people and is very fashion forward!  I have a lot of workout clothes but I buy all of them on clearance so they don't match or anything- which is fine for me!  (I used to wear a tee shirt and soccer shorts and I have come a long way!).  A lot of people have beautifully matching outfits; some have lace, some have cute backs, some have cute ties, its awesome!

I have also noticed how social the gym is...apparently the people there aren't working out during their toddlers nap times!  I am in there during her nap (or when Jon can watch her) and I work out as hard as i can until i have to leave, no water breaks (unless needed), no socialization, just hard core intense fitness.  It makes me laugh seeing people lift a few weights, then walk around and talk....they must be childless!  hahaha!

I am very surprised how much I am enjoying the gym- its amazingly clean which I like, spacious, and has great equipment!  Its AWESOME!  It makes my little gyms in Kansas look like childs play!

I will write more on the classes later, however- as of now, I have enjoyed 4 of the 5.

More to come!

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