Work out clothes on sale!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday, my husband, daughter and I went to Dicks sporting goods to kill some time.  We always like to go and see whats on sale and Rory loves to try out trampolines.  Yesterday, they had their 50% off their clearance and we scored big!

I got 2 pair of under armour work out tights, a Nike work out skirt, 2 pair of Reebok shorts, a Reebok built in bra top, and a baby carrier backpack for Rory all for $120!

I was extremely skeptical about the Nike work out skirt- I know my husband has been looking at getting me one for quite some time, and I have almost hoped he wouldnt' get one for me out of fear that I would hate it and he would waste money buying it for me...however I LOVE it!  It has built in shorts in it so I'm not skanking it up at the gym, and its not tight and extremely airy!

I like it so much that since Daddy is home today- I'm wearing it for a huge 2 hour work out session while Rory naps!

I love getting good deals- and work out clothes that can get $$$!

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