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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So...what do you think?  Its a new look for a new year and hopefully new start for a lot of new things for me.  Not that the last year was bad by any means, but I really lost myself for a while!  I had nothing that I wanted to do for fun because I was so into Rory and creating learning projuects and activities.  There were several times where Jon would want to take her so I could do something for myself, but I would have no idea what to do, so I woudl clean the house and do other things that "needed" to be done.

Ive been breathing more and am trying to find myself because I realize its not healthy for me to not do anythign for myself.  So im starting everything off with a new blog look adn am going to try to update it more, since writing about thigns really is quite therapeutic fo me.

I know that this is a common thing with new moms, especially with myself adn Rory's leg- I find myself so caught up in knowing everything about her condition, goodbye self!

So...Im now done trying to be a perfectionist, trying to know everythign about CFD, trying to always have a pefect dinner on teh table and have a perfect house...

Im just goign to be imperfect, with my perfect daughter and a perfect blog site

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