Homemade Finger Paint Fun!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finger painting fun!   Rory and I had nothing planned today so we decided to make our own finger paint!  I chose to make our own paints because I know Rory is getting her molars now and so everything is in her mouth.  I did just a basic flour, salt and water mixture so that if she decided to have a mid morning snack it would be OK.  The recipe made a lot, so next time we are going to need to have a play date so we don't waste any paint! 

We had so much fun painting, we put out a big strip of my old pattern making paper and went to town.  I didn't think that she would use the paint brushes, but she actually used them a lot!

I got the recipe from this old school craft binder I found at a yard sale, called "A Guide to Children's Creative Play."  It was well worth the quarter! 

Here was our Recipe:
2 cups of flour
5 cups of cold water
1/4 cup of salt
food coloring
sauce pan
wooden spoon

I mixed the flour and water in a saucepan and cooked over low heat until it was nice and smooth

Then I mixed in the salt and allowed the paint to cool

I then divided it into 6 small cups and used food coloring to make the colors

 Getting down and dirty with the paint!  Put your hands in!

 We got her feet involved too!

 Here's the Cute look!
 She loves painting and was so good at it! We used so much paper but it was well worth it because now daddy has more art work for his office!  And believe it or not...She didn't eat any paint!
a great end to finger painting, a nice warm bath!!!

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