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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its been a while, but its time for another fitness video!  Today I worked arms, legs, and abs.  If you do this workout really fast it becomes a cardio workout.  I did 30 reps of each workout, and I used 5 lb weights, but you can use more or less weight, but feel free to use more weight or less weight.  Here is the workout breakdown:
  • one leg push-ups 15 each leg (feel free to do push ups on your knees or on your toes, whatever you can do!)
  • weighted squats with a military press
  • knee up's with a twist, and a sprint back; I did 20 knee up's and then sprinted back and I did this 3 its 60 reps instead of 30
  • weighted walking lunges with a knee up and bicep curl
  • straight arm weighted overhead crunches 
  • plank position knee to elbow lifts- 15 each leg
  • curtsy lunges with weights and a up right row- 15 each leg
  • twists with a weight
Have FUN!

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