Kitty Cat Cake Pops!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My niece turned 4 yesterday and of course we had a fabulous party for her.  When her mom asked her what kind of cake she wanted she said a Kitty cat cake, so we knew that is what we had to do!  Since it was my sister’s daughter she was completely in charge, and I was just the assistant; which was completely fine because I would be the same way with Rory’s birthday! 
Trish, my sister did the big cake herself- it was a jello poke cake so I steered clear of it (because I don’t eat gelatin).  I did make the frosting, but that was just a minor detail….I mainly did the cake pops! 
For the kitty cat cake pops, we made a normal cake pop, however for the ears, we put in white chocolate chips for ears and used a little icing to make them stick to the cake pop, and then we put them in the freezer to get hard.
After they were hard, we took them out and dipped them.  The chocolate chips worked really well, none of them fell off or anything.  We dipped them in the chocolate like normal and they ears turned out really cute.  The whiskers were just twizzlers pull and peels cut really small and the noses were cute edible hearts.  We colored our own frosting and then piped the eyes, ears and mouth. 
It turned out so cute! 
My mom’s birthday is tomorrow…..I can’t wait to make something else!

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