Happy birthday Mom!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yesterday was a very important day for me and Rory- It was my mother’s (Rory’s Mimi) birthday.  I just wanted to write a few things about why yesterday was so special for me.   I never really knew what being a mom was until I became one.  I never gave my mom enough credit, knew how hard she worked, or even really understood all she did for us until I became a mom.  Once I held my little Rory in my arms, my whole life changed, I immediately got those motherly instincts that I was afraid I wasn’t going to get.  I bonded with Rory on a completely different level- and I understand now how a mother feels about her child.
My mother had four of us girls; when she was 22 years old she had a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and me- a newborn.   Then a few years later she had my baby sister.  Perhaps being a mother and getting my motherly instincts came to me so easily because I had my mother as an example growing up.  She always put us girls before herself- she was always teaching us right from wrong, and how to be a good person.  She would get up with us in the morning, make us breakfast, make our lunches, drive us to school, she always had baked goods in our lunches, she was a room mom for all of us, helped out with our sports teams, and somehow managed to get dinner on the table every night.  She is truly a supermom.   
Our mom was never a “friend mom,” she was always a normal mother who loved her children more than herself- our happiness came before anything else in her life.  She put up with all of us when we gave her a hard time (not me of course ;), and even when times were hard, never stopped hugging us or telling us she loved us.  She seriously hugged and kissed us multiple times a day, even when we were older and too cool for her.    To this day she sends me “Goodnight, I love you” text messages. 
I learned so much from my mom, and I can only hope that one day I am half the mother she was to us.  It is no wonder Rory loves her so much- how could anyone not! 
I wish we lived closer so Rory and I could still get hugs every day.  We love you so much- Happy Birthday!

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