Easter Bunny Fingerprints!

Monday, April 2, 2012

 Rory and I were already upstairs playing, so I thought we could play with some of my old stamp pads and make some more Easter decorations!
This activity was so much fun, and Rory really got into it.  As most of my little crafts are; this one is very inexpensive and can take as little or as much time as possible.  Ours took a long time, but it was mainly because we were having so much fun!
stamp pads- for the bunny ears
paper- whatever colors you want- we chose dark colors of paper because we had a white stamp pad
paper to make the bunny faces and bodies
pens to draw faces
pom poms for the tails!
optional: any stickers you want to use!
We stamped our fingers on the stamp pad and pressed them down on the paper.  It took a few tries to get them right- Rory wasn't too used to using the stamp pad.  We tried several different ways to make the ears- we tried just using one finger and then tried using two fingers.  We just had fun playing with the stamp pad.
(As usual, we used this to reiterate colors: put your fingers on the WHITE ink pad and press it on the PURPLE paper.)  
I thought this would be a really cute Mommy and me project, so we did both of our fingers on the same piece of paper!  We waited for the stamp ink to dry, which is not very long, and while we were waiting we cut out circles for the bunnies heads and bodies.  (Rory colored on some of the bodies, but I think that adds to the cuteness of the activity.)  We drew faces on the bunnies and glued them to the paper.
We added a little “Some bunny loves you” phrase with stickers, and we will probably add a note on the top for Rory’s dad!  

Presto!  you now have cute mommy and me finger print bunnies- perfect for cards for grandparents, to hang on your walls, or to put in dads easter basket!  

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