New running shoes!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There is something about getting a new pair of shoes that makes me snjme from ear to ear! Today I got my new running shoes!

I went all out on trying new things! 99% of the time I get nikes- they fit my feet so nice and snug, and I love how long they last. My husband, however; never gets nikes- he's an acics and saucony type of guy- so I decided I give his shoes a try since I get a new pair of running kicks every 6 months.
Another anti-Me thing to do- I went with a bright color- they are yellow green! I'm hoping they make me faster!
So far I haven't been able to try them out- just been wearing them around the house- but I can't wait I run in these puppies!

Something about a new pair of shoes!

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